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Alternative For Back Relief

There are few things quite as bad as suffering from a bad back. For some people it is something that has come on with old age, perhaps because of years working in a job that involved heavy lifting or something that could do your back some damage. For others it can occur during the prime of life when incidents like a slipped disk for example can occur. For many the pain of a bad back can be very difficult to deal with, as too much rest or too much movement can make the pain considerably worse. Here we will take a look at a few methods and treatments you can consider to help with your back pain.

Pain Relief

The best thing to do before you start considering going to your doctor and asking for some form of medication is to try a few natural ways that can help you deal with your back pain. Exercises such as yoga have been known to be quite effective for dealing with pain in the muscles and joints. Some form of supplement may even help a little, such as cod liver oil capsules. There are also a few herbal remedies that you could possibly try and see if they are able to deal with the pain.


 If the pain is too much though for you to even try attempting something such as yoga to help you deal with it, then you may want to head to your local drug store and see what they have available for sale that might help. Heat patches can be of some use as they use heat to relax the muscles. This form of treatment will be particularly helpful to someone who is suffering from tight muscles in the back. Sometimes some form of heat spray might help, also because it is an effective way at relaxing the muscles in the back. If neither of these things work, then using good old fashioned paracetamol may do the trick. Just make sure that you are not having to take the pain killer on a regular basis. If you are, then the pain has clearly become too big a problem, and the best thing to do at this stage is consult your doctor about other treatments.


Codeine is a very powerful pain killer that should only be used in extreme circumstances. What makes codeine almost ideal for dealing with things such as back pain is the fact that while it deals with pain it also acts as a muscle relaxer. This is great for anyone who is experiencing back pain because of aching muscles or because they are too tight. The problem is though, this medication can be quite addictive, and it can lead to some psychic disturbances such as confusion. Make sure you understand the risks before taking this drug, and of course only buy codeine online from a licenced UK pharmacy.


Tramadol can be quite an effective pain killer, particularly if the pain has become rather severe. This is a pain killer that can help numb the pain so then you are able to get on with your daily life without having to worry about it too much. However, this pain killer does come with side effects such as confusion and nausea, which of course can lead to vomiting. If any of these symptoms start occurring, then stop taking them and tell your doctor what happened straight away. That way the doctor may be able to suggest some alternative methods of treatment.


Co-codamol is a drug that will almost certainly help with your back problems, on account of it being one of the strongest pain killers available from your doctor. It is in basic terms paracetamol and codeine combined together in one form of medication. This means that it is extremely effective at dealing with pain, while at the same time it relaxes your muscles to make you feel more comfortable. It is also a very quick acting pain killer, so it is very appealing to people who suffer from back pain and are looking for quick relief. Side effects however do include confusion and short-term memory loss, so make sure you have consulted your doctor properly first.

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