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Living with Arthritis Pain

As we get older, natural aches and pains can start to develop. For some people however, it can be much worse than that. For a large number of older people, they have to deal with arthritis, which can be an incredibly painful and debilitating problem to have. Many people suffering from it can have severe difficulty dealing with simple tasks during the day, let alone carrying on with an active lifestyle like they used to. Arthritis is treatable, but for many people, a diagnosis means that they have to live with the pain for the rest of their lives. Here are just a few ways that people can deal with the pain.

Pain Pills

Chronic-Pain-controlFor many, the first thing people do is get hold of some sort of pain pills that help them deal with it when the pain gets too much. NSAIDs and Paracetamol are by far the most common form of pain treatment.  However these can only take you so far in terms of pain relief.  When your pain gets into the moderate to severe range, you are going to need something stronger.


Codeine is one of the first painkillers ever used by mankind as it is an isomer of morphine, the original painkiller.  Codeine is a rather strong pain killer that should really only be used for moderate to severe pain. You can buy codeine legally online in the UK, although not in the US.  UK pharmacies can ship codeine within the UK so long as they have a valid prescription but they cannot ship codeine to other EU countries without a special export license.  If you do buy codeine online, be sure to get it from a licensed UK pharmacy.  Of course, you will need a prescription from a UK registered doctor, but there are some online pain clinics that even include a prescription service to take care of that.

Since painkillers like codeine are often abused, there are strict processes you have to go through before you can purchase codeine online.  I ordered codeine phosphate from this site where you can see they have a wide variety of formulations available. I had to complete an online questionnaire with about 30 questions before I could actually buy codeine.  But after that, it was straightforward. There was also a follow-up question from one of their doctors, so I had to answer that too.  Despite this somewhat lengthy process, it all went smoothly after that and I got my codeine delivered the following day.  To avoid abuse they have strict limitations both on the frequency of repeat prescriptions and the delivery options.  For example, they do not allow you to buy any painkillers with a credit card that does not belong to you or to have your medications sent to any other address than the billing address.

Co-codamol is also for sale on the site and can be purchased legally over the Internet.  No medications can be sent to the US.  In fact no medications can be sent from the EU into the US at all due to legal restrictions.

In my case, my pain was severe so this was a suitable treatment and the doctor approved my prescription.  But it is important to make sure that it is the best treatment for you and that’s why you need to go through the detailed consultation with the online doctor.

Codeine also works as a muscle relaxer, so it can deal with any stiff joints rather effectively. The drug is also used to treat people who have irritable bowel syndrome or severe diarrhea.


The doctor may also prescribe Tramadol for arthritis pain. This drug acts in a very similar way to codeine in that it helps to treat severe pain in the the nervous system. It is also believed that the drug is very effective at dealing with things such as anxiety and depression, which means if your arthritis is effecting you psychologically then this drug will help in that respect as well. As with all drugs though, it is best to double check with your doctor first to make sure that it is right for you.


Co-codamol is basically a combination of codeine and paracetamol, and is usually given out by doctors who think that any form of pain is just too much for a person to deal with. It is a very powerful pain killer that should be strictly taken in short doses because of its strength and its side effects. If at any point you start suffering from dizziness or confusion while taking this medication, then you should stop immediately. Otherwise, it can be a very effective pain killer that can make you feel better rather quickly.

These are just some of the ways that you can approach dealing with the pain of arthritis. It used to be a problem that would stop people in their tracks in the past, but now thanks to medical advances and new ways of managing pain, some people are able to live full and happy lives while dealing with and managing the condition.

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