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Co-Codamol: Two Painkillers. Twice the Benefit or Double Trouble

It is still being hotly debated by medical professionals and indeed by patients as to whether co-codamol is an effective form of medication. It can be of tremendous benefit to some people who are suffering from quite severe pain that is stopping them from living their daily lives the way they want to. On the […]

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A Medical Approach to Pain – Five Methods of Coping with Back and Neck Pain

There’s a reason why, when watching one team dominate another in sport, giving up some particularly-crucial points or runs to the other team can be considered particularly painful and, indeed, “back-breaking.”  Beyond the basic fact that “back-breaking” implies the utter destruction of that which literally can help a team stay standing, there’s another, simpler connotative […]

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Alternative For Back Relief

There are few things quite as bad as suffering from a bad back. For some people it is something that has come on with old age, perhaps because of years working in a job that involved heavy lifting or something that could do your back some damage. For others it can occur during the prime […]

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