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A Medical Approach to Pain – Five Methods of Coping with Back and Neck Pain

There’s a reason why, when watching one team dominate another in sport, giving up some particularly-crucial points or runs to the other team can be considered particularly painful and, indeed, “back-breaking.”  Beyond the basic fact that “back-breaking” implies the utter destruction of that which literally can help a team stay standing, there’s another, simpler connotative meaning in play here, namely—

Breaking your back is painful.

Excruciatingly so.

In fact, any form of back or neck pain can really be called something of a “back-breaker” in terms of how debilitating the pain can be.  It’s no joke, and it’s certainly not something you should have to deal with.

And, thankfully, it isn’t something you have to deal with after all.  With a whole new range of research being conducted in the field of kinesiology and the development of high-quality painkillers and other such pain control medications and methods, there are both far more and better approaches to neck and back health than there were even twenty years ago.  As such, here are five ways to take a medical approach to pain control with tramadol.

1.WHAT A RELIEF: There is certainly no shortage of painkillers and pain medication on the market today.  Indeed, the Internet has proved to be a boon for these kinds of medication, as more and more people are able to get access to the pills they want—or think they want.  With so many new pills flooding the market, it’s nearly impossible to keep them all in check and evaluate each one, meaning the first question when approaching any pain pill must always be one of quality, and it’s here that tramadol triumphs.  The product of years of testing and research—an element lacking in other pain control medications—tramadol helps alleviate pain in the back and neck areas by changing the way in which your nerves react to pain in the first place.  This results in treatment which is effective, reliable, and replicable.

2.A GREAT PEDIGREE: As stated, there is hardly a shortage of pills and medications on the market today.  Even before the advent of the Internet, however, there was always still the matter of a pill’s “pedigree,” that is, what “pharmaceutical family” it came from.  Pills with remarkably similar functions are marketed under different names in the pharmaceutical industry for various purposes, the practical upshot of which being that you can order a new drug, hoping for better or more consistently-effective pain control, and instead wind up with a “sister drug” to the one you just left behind.  Here again, tramadol proves itself to be one of the best choices out there.  .  This is especially true considering the fact that the drug is derived from and closely linked to codeine, one of the most consistent and powerful painkillers you’re likely ever to encounter.

3.BY ANY OTHER NAME: No matter what form you order it in, and what it’s called, by any other name, tramadol would be just as effective.  Such is the case with co-codamol, a product which shares the same “pedigree” as tramadol insofar as it is linked with codeine.  In addition, this product is derived from acetaminophen.  It functions as a slightly “calmer” version of tramadol and codeine, working specifically against mild and moderate cases of back and neck pain.

4.RELIEF WITHOUT WORRY: One of the great fears that is often associated with painkillers and pain control products is the idea that using such products will lead to impaired senses and a dulled sense of “self.”  While changing the way in which your nerves react to pain is part of the prerogative of this product, both tramadol and co-codamol work by not impairing your nerves or senses to such an extreme extent.

5.DIFFERENT DOSES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS: Depending on a variety of factors, the amount of tramadol, codeine or co-codamol you take each day, as well as how often you are to take each pill may vary.  Some factors which may act as determinants in this case include your age, height, weight, and preexisting medical conditions.  For proper dosing guidelines, please consult a doctor or qualified professional, as each case is unique.


Updated: February 13, 2014 — 1:48 pm
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